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Kadampa. The lineage of teachings bought to Tibet by the great Indian master Atisha. (RY)

Kadampa; Kadampa [sect of Tibetan Buddhism founded by Atisha (882-1054 AD) and chief disciple] bka' gdams gong ma/ bka' gdams rnying pa; 1) the Kadampa School, brought to Tibet by Atisha. 2) A follower of the Kadampa School. (RY)

early version of dge lugs pa kadampa, adviser, reformed buddhist school found by 'brom stong pa rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas. (JV)

the Kadampa school. (IW)

the Kadampa school [brought to tibet by atisha a follower of the kadampa school. sangs rgyas kyi bka' las yig 'bru gcig kyang ma lus par tsang ma gdams ngag tu go ba'i grub mtha' zhig ste, jo bo rje Atisha nas dbu brnyes, by 'brom ston pa rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas srol phyes, spread by po to ba, spyan snga ba, and phu chung ba, the sku mched gsum; by glang ri thang pa and sha ra ba gnyis and, bya yul ba etc. spread even further. Within the very well-known bka' gdams pa lineage of masters were both gzhung pa and gdams ngag pa or three with man ngag pa]. (IW)