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disciplined engagement - The usual translation “yogic discipline” for the Tibetan term brtul zhugs is highly unsatisfactory. It is also translated occasionally as “vanquishing conduct” or “courageous conduct”, “tantric deportment”, “uncontrived behaviour” etc., and refers to various kinds of unconventional behaviour which advanced tantric practitioners might engage in at certain points within their training in order to further their spiritual development and to train in awareness. The definition in the bod rgya tshig mdzod chen mo is as follows: “vanquishing one’s normal, ordinary behaviour, one enters into the area of uncommon behaviour” [tha mal rang ga ba’i spyod pa brtul nas thun min gyi spyod pa’i gnas la zhugs pa’o]. Another translation attempt could be “disciplined engagement”, i.e. disciplining yourself to not behave in conventional ways, and engaging in unconventional behaviour. Another definition, from the dung dkar tshig mdzod chen mo: “disciplining oneself and bringing to an end ones normal self-indulgent behaviour, one engages fully in special behaviour” [tha mal rang ga ba ci ‘dod du byed pa’i spyod pa brtul ba’am mjug sgril te thun mong ma yin pa'i spyod pa’i gnas la zhugs pa’o]. [TSD]

way of life [RY]

yogic discipline [thd]

way of acting, practice, observance, behavior, discipline, asceticism, vow, manner, exercise of penance, penitent, yogic discipline, resolute conduct (yogi subjugates (brtul) ordinary attitudes and adopts (zhugs) special conduct aimed at overcoming dualism), firm conduct, way of applying the path correctly, disciplined conduct, deliberate action, resolute behavior [JV]

yogic discipline; [religious, yogic] ascetic practice, conduct, discipline, practice, ritualism, behavior, life-style, yogic action; (usu. tantric) deportment [RY]

1) [religious] discipline, [yogic/ ascetic] practice/ action; 2) ritualism; 3) behavior, life-style ? [1 having gathered/ tamed previous ordinary actions engage in later excellent 1s two 1's manner or style, ascertaining what 1 engages in body and speech [IW]

(usu. tantric) deportment; uncontrived conduct [RB]

courageous conduct [RY]

principle, moral conduct [IW]

engaged discipline, courageous discipline, principled discipline, yogic discipline, ascetic discipline (though 'ascetic' is problematic in a Buddhist context) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]