bshad rgyud

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explanatory tantra [RB]

1) exposition/ explanatory tantra (on medicine) [one of the dpal ldan rgyud bzhi, dum bu gnyis pa lus, nad, sman etc, clearly explaiing sku'i rgyud de medical text in 32 chapters; 2) the bla med rtza rgyud kyi 'grel bshad, taught by Vjradhara [also medicine???] [IW]

1) exposition/ explanatory tantra [med.] [IW]

Exposition Tantra, explanatory tantra, commentarial tantra. 2) explanatory tantra [on medicine]. 3) Exposition Tantra. The gsang 'dus bshad rgyud, also called the Vajra Garland (rdo rje phreng ba) [RY]

explanatory (treatise, tantras), medical commentary, scholastic (buddhism, lineage), scholarly lineage, explication tantra, explanatory transmission [JV]