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ex de la bsngo ba gyis shig dedicate all your merit to them! [RY]

1) dedication, turning over [of one's merit to all beings]. 2) alt. ft. of sngo ba; to dedicate, transfer [merit], distribute, share, turn over to, hand out. 3) dedication, dedication of merit, blessing, consecration. 4) moldy, rotten [RY]

1) [f sngo ba]; 2) transformation or increase yongs su spel ba la 'jug pa virtuous roots that are samsaric causes being transformed into causes of great enlightenment or, exhausted virtuous roots inexhaustibly increasing, collected in the continuua of 1self and others throughout the three times defiled and undefiled virtuous accumulations all are transformed into causes of unsurpassable enlightenment, and increased dedication, turning over (of 1's merit to all beings (f of sngo ba dedicate, transfer (merit, distribute, share, turn over to, hand out, bless, consecrate, mouldy, rotten] [IW]

dedication; to dedicate [RB]

transmutation, transfer, dedication of merit, the end, a blessing, mouldy, rotten, to intend something, dedication [JV]