bsod nams skyes

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1 production/ increase of merit, the 2nd of the so skye'i gnas gsum heavens of the 4th dhyana-bhumi, 1 of the 28 classes of gods of the gzugs khams = form realm since it is the supreme place of attaining merit vs the tshangs gnas bzhi etc, it is called "bsod nams 'phel lam bsod nams skyes"; 2) gnod sbyin, yaksha? [IW]

punyaprasava god, heaven, celestial region, merit-born heaven, 1 of gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun [JV]

production of merit, the second of the so skye'i gnas gsum heaven of the fourth dhyana-bhumi, increasing merit, one of the 28 classes of gods of the gzugs khams form realm on the bsam gtan bzhi pa'i fourth absorption [RY]

Merit-Born; one of the abodes in the Fourth Dhyana [RY]