bu ston rin chen grub

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1290-1364 [RY]

Buton [..establisher of precious things, in the 5th iron tiger year born in Tsang shab smad, Kagyupa bka' brgyud pa khro lo'i yang slob, zhva lu chos sder ha ade a long study, from sanskrit into Tibet translated vol. all closely examining de bsgrigs rim snga phyi he resolved de bstan 'gyur de rnams gcig tu bstan pa'i rtsa lag tu gyur, the sutras tantras and sciences great and small, the texts and many hundreds of commentaries he composed. His works have 26 vol., his lineage is called zhva lu ba'i grub mtha or bu lugs, Lord tsong kha pa de'i slob ma las heard the tantras, in the 6th wood dragon year he died (1290-1364] [IW]

Buton [IW]

1290-1364 [JV]