byang chub chen po

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total enlightenment [JV]

mahabodhi, the great enlightenment [IW]

mahabodhi, the great enlightenment [= buddhahood sm rgyas. beyond the extremes of both samsara and nivana the path of no more learning of the mahayana, that whih is to be abandoned the two obscurations and their habitual patterns are purified and the virtues of the two knowledges of wisdom to be realized khong du chub pa] [IW]

Mahabodhi, the great enlightenment, [Syn sangs rgyas. Syn rgyas; Mahabodhi [RY]

Mahabodhi, statue of the Buddha [RY]

Mahabodhi Temple. The enormous shrine in front of the bodhi tree at Vajra Seat, Bodhgaya [RY]