byang phyogs mun pa'i smag rum na

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byang phyogs mun pa'i smag rum na
gangs la nyi ma shar 'dra ba
thos pa dga' zhes bya ba yi
skyes bu de la phyags 'tshal bstod

In the gloomy darkness of the northern direction,
Is one like the sun shining upon the snow.
To this great being called Thöpaga,
I prostrate and offer praise.

In a dream while in retreat, Jetsun Milarepa received a prophecy/command from a dakini, telling him to request certain instructions from his teacher. He broke retreat to relate this to his teacher Marpa. Thereupon Marpa, having realised that he himself had not yet received these teachings, traveled to India for a third time to request these instructions from his teacher, the great Naropa. Having found Naropa after great difficulties and after arriving together at his seat in Pullahari, Naropa asked him whether he had remembered to request these instructions himself or if he had received an indication from a dakini. Marpa said that neither was the case, but that he had a student who had received such an indication while practicing in retreat. Thereupon Naropa folded his hands at the heart, spoke these words and bowed three times towards Tibet. As he did so, the mountains and trees did likewise. It is said, that even nowadays the mountains and trees of Pullahari lean towards Tibet.