chos khams

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field of meaning, dharma-nature, thematic reflective aspect of chos dbyings, 7 for mdzod (tshor ba, 'du shes, 'du byed, rnam par rig byed, min), 3 'dus ma byas, 16 for sems tsam pa (tshor ba, 'du shes, 'du byed, 5 chos kyi skye mched, 8 'dus ma byas) [JV]

chos kyi khams, element of mental objects, dhatu (sm chos kyi skye mched, dharm yatana [IW]

element of mental objects. Syn chos kyi skye mched, thog ma med pa'i chos khams dge ba, the void sphere of all things, the propensity for dharmas, dharma element, dhatu of mental objects, [Syn thog ma med pa'i chos khams dge ba. (RY)

Vajra body endowed with the six elements. The six outer elements are the five elements and the element of mental objects (chos khams). The six inner elements are flesh, blood, warmth, breath, vacuities and the all-ground consciousness. The six secret elements are the nadis as the stable earth element, the syllable HANG at the crown of the head as the liquid water element, the A-stroke at the navel center as the warm fire element, the life-prana (srog gi rlung) as the moving wind element, the avadhuti as the void space element, and the all-ground wisdom as the cognizant wisdom element. This last category is the uncommon explanation. (RY)