chos kyi bdag med

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[Dharmanairatmya]; egolessness of phenomena; insubstantiality of phenomena; lack of a self in things; lack of reality in cognizable objects; lack of self of phenomena; no objective identity; non-self existence of all phenomena; nonexistence of a self-nature of phenomena; nonself of dharmas; objective selflessness; one of the bdag med gnyis two selflessness; phenomenal nonself; selflessness of dharmas; selflessness of phenomena; unreality of phenomena [RY]

egolessness of phenomena [IW]

egolessness of phenomena [one of the bdag med gnyis no nature is established for all the dharmas included in subject and object/ grasping and fixation rang bzhin gyis ma grub pa; 1 of the bdag med gnyis, two selflessness) selflessness of phenomena, unreality of intrinsic phenomena, phenomenal non-self, lack of a self in things, non-self of dharmas, objective selflessness, selflessness of dharmas, the non-self existence of all phenomena, the lack of reality in cognizable objects, (Dharmanair tmya] [IW]

non-individuality of things, non-entitativeness of all factors, the realization that the constituting elements are unwarranted as ultimate entities and incapable of resisting criticism, selflessness of phenomena, the insubstantiality of phenomena [JV]

nonexistence of a (self-)identity in/ to phenomena [RB]