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Buddha Body of Actual Reality [GD]

dharmakaya, (ultimate, emptiness, dharma body, absolute, empty, dimension of, essential, pure fact of being, primordial contact with the total field of events and meanings, fundamental dimension of reality, dimension of totality, existential norm of meaningfulness, founding stratum of meaning, decisive existence, actuality which is absolutely nothing as such, absoluteness, and has two qualities (rang bzhin rnam - pure in being itself, blo bur dri bral - pure as regards removal of incidental stains) [JV]

Absolute body [MR]

two aspects (1 being-as-such, absolute value-being, the ultimate, noetic being, spirituality-as-such, presence of Buddhahood as a possibility of actual being, pure fact of being and its presence in and as the awareness of it, 2 the experience of being in one's own existence, noetic mode in man divested of all bias and presupposition, a way of existing as a goal achieved, authentic situationality, the feeling of being as a genuine presence, meaning of being inseparable from its stratum felt in experience, embodying wholeness, dimension of essence, the true ultimate nature of mind and of consciousness, reality dimension of awakening [JV]

dharmakaya, truth-body, body of reality [RY]

dharmakaya [IW]

dharmakaya [1) 1 of the sher phyin dngos po brgyad, sbyor ba bsgoms pa'i ultimate fruition, having many undefiled buddha qualities sku bzhi'i dbye bzhir (gzhir) gyur pa kaya of buddhahood; 2) 1 of the sku gnyis, manifesting as the benefit for others as fruition of complete renunciation/realization Dharmakaya, truth body, body of reality, embodying wholeness, dimension of being, fundamental dimension of reality, primordial contact w the total field of events and meanings] [IW]

Dharmakaya, absolute body [RY]

dharmakaya; dimension/ stratum of authentic/ true being [RB]