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1) water. 2) river, spring, fountain etc [RY]

1) water ..Khron chu,...Rgyug chu,...Rngul chu,...Sna chu,...Chu gtor ba,...Chu len pa,...Chu bshang ba,...chu bshos pa Chu'i gzegs ma,...Chu'i zer,...(2 river...Skyid chu,...'Bri chu,...Rma chu,..Chu mi rgyas thabs med char gyis ded,...Chu pha ri tshur ri [= sgo kun 'gro dang, ngan sel, nyal 'gro, btung bya, thur 'gro, dag byed, 'bru phan] three urine [Chu rtags]; 4) Dkyus sam srid,...Chu zheng,... water, river, spring, fountain, rain [IW]

water, cohesion, river, aqua, fluidity, flood, 1 of 'jigs pa rnam par brgyad, ten [JV]

water [RB]