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slowness, ease, quietness, leisure, the [8] freedoms [IW]

freedom; x ngo bo dal ba bsam pa ni reflecting on the nature of freedom [RY]

idle; ex lus dal bar ma sdod don't sit around idly! [RY]

leisure/ isc. freedom; at ease; sedate/ serene [RB]

rang bzhin gyi dal ba - naturally in repose [RY]

slowness, ease, quietness, leisure [RY]

freedom; def mi khom pa'i gnas brgyad du ma skyes par dam pa'i chos bsgrub par khoms pa ni dal ba zhes bya "freedom" means to have the opportunity to practise Dharma and not to be born in one of the eight states without that opportunity [RY]

unique occasion, languor, ease, quietude, leisure, slow, breathe slowly [JV]