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faithful protectors - dam can rnams la grogs mdzod cig ces bstan pa'i srung mar gnyer gtad cing skos so appointed the faithful protectors as his companions to protect the doctrine. RY

oath-bound one(s)/ guardian RB

oath-bound, vow-holders, oath-bound protectors JV

a vow-holder; loyal guardians, samaya-bound, vow-holders. protectors; oath-bound one; ex. chos skyong dam can rgya mtsho the ocean of vowed guardians and dharmapalas. RY

1) proclaim samaya; 2) samaya-keeping worldly protector, vow-holders, samaya-bound IW

1) the Oath-Bound Ones, Oath-Bound Guardians, Oath-Bound Protectors. Those Dharma Protectors (chos skyong) and Dharma Guardians (chos srung) who are bound to oaths; 2) bound to oaths, commitments, vows, pledges; 3) one who is bound to oaths, commitments, vows, pledges; 4) keeping or holding oaths, commitments, vows, pledges; 5) one who keeps or holds oaths, commitments, vows, pledges. See also dam bzhag. Erick Tsiknopoulos