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Sacred commitment [RY]

1) samaya; 2) disagreement and mutual hostility; 3) loyalty * samaya, brown bear, tantric commitments, vows * oath, promise, vow [IW]

Samaya [RY]

Samaya. The sacred pledges, precepts or commitments of Vajrayana practice. Samayas essentially consist of outwardly, maintaining harmonious relationship with the vajra master and one's Dharma friends and, inwardly, not straying from the continuity of the practice. At the end of a chapter, the single word 'samaya' is an oath that confirms that what has been stated is true [RY]

general, special, and supreme samayas; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 148]. Furthermore: To summarize the general, special, and supreme samayas: the general samayas are the trainings of individual liberation, bodhisattvas, and Mantra, which should be guarded as one's heart. The special samayas are the common samayas of the five families of Anuttara Mantra as well as the root and branch samayas, which should be guarded as the blood in one's heart. The supreme samayas are twenty described through analogies, such as not breaking the command of the vajra master, and so forth, which should be guarded as carefully as one's life-force. [DILGO KHYENTSE] [RY]

samaya (commitment) [RB]

samaya, commitment, pledge, vow, spiritual obligation, tantric vow; tantric promise, sacred commitment. dam bca'i tshig "sacred word" or "bound and burn". 3) dam rdzas samaya substance, sacrament [RY]

samaya; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 46 onwards] [RY]

samaya, commitments, vows [for the lower vehicles] (one of the [[phyag rgya bzhi - four mudras) pledge ("sacred word" or "bound or burn"), spiritual obligation/ commitment, tantric vow sm dam bca'i tshig--sacred / samaya substance, (sacrament] [IW]

samaya, commitment, vow, integrity, union, pledge, secret link, loyalty, word of honor, sacred or solemn vow, engagement made solemnly, obligations [JV]

1) samaya ['da' dka' rdo rje'i tha tshig ces ji ltar bcas pa las mi 'da' bar g.yar dam gnyan por khas blangs pa'i tha tshig]; 2) disagreement and mutual hostility ['khon 'gras Dam tshig bsags pa,...Dam tshig bzos pa]; 3) loyalty [mdza' ba'i 'du shes srung sems [Dam tshig mthun po,...Dam tshig shor ba,...Phan tshun gcig sems gcig 'dzin gyi dam tshig mthun po byed pa] samaya, brown bear ? samaya, tantric commitments, vows [R] oath, promise vow [IW]