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Vasubandhu, [brother of Asanga] [RY]

Vasubhandu [IW]

vasubandhu, 1 of 'dzam gling rgyan drug, Vasubandhu, wealthy friend [JV]

Vasubandhu [RY]

Vasubandhu [brother of Asanga, 1 of the 'dzam gling mdzes pa'i rgyan drug, 5th century, son of bram ze mo suprak'ashash'ila, w the Kashmiri master sam gha bha dra studied the mngon pa sde bdun etc, and later w his brother, wrote mngon pa mdzod rtsa 'grel &, pra k' ra na sde brgyad etc many shastras, tshad ma rang las mkhas pa phyogs glang &, mngon pa rang las mkhas pa blo gros brtan pa &, sher phyin rang las mkhas pa rnam grol sde &, 'dul ba rang las mkhas pa sh'akya 'od bcas many learned students bskyangs so] [IW]

lord of wealth [RY]