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1) that [R]; 2) = ste after final DA [R], ste, [R] where, namely, to wit, videlicet [sbyar yul gang yang rung ba'i ming dngos su tshig zin du yod med ji ltar rung, de'i ma mthar sbyor ba'i thag ring ngos 'dzin byed kyi tshig phrad cig yin te, sum cu par, tha snyad dbang du gsum yin te, dngos po'i dbang du bzhi ru 'gyur, dus kyi dbang du gnyis yin no, zhes gsungs pa ltar ro,...1)...1, Rnam grangs gzhan zhig la sbyor rgyu yod pa'i tha snyad ston pa,...Gzhung lam de mi'i 'gro sa'ang yin pa dang, rta drel gyi 'gro sa'ang yin pa, 'khor lo'i rigs kyi 'gro sa'ang yin,...2, Ming mtha' da yig gi rjes su 'jug pa'i lhag bcas kyi sgra'i tha snyad ston pa'i phrad cig da...Shing bcad de 'bud,...3, 'Das pa'i tha snyad ston pa,...Gong du bshad pa de,...2)...1, Bden pa'i dngos po la 'jug pa,...Khyed kyis gsungs pa de de bzhin no,...2, Gsang ba'i dngos po la 'jug pa,...De 'dra ma shod,...De su red,...? De gsod dgos,...Khyod kyis de rnams gzhan la ma ston zhig ...3,Bdag gi ba'i dngos po la 'jug pa,...Nga'i pha yul de,...Bdag gi las don byed stangs de tsho,...4, Pha rol po'i dngos po la 'jug pa,...Khyod kyi gyon pa de dag ...Kho'i spyod pa de gras,...3)...1, Dus 'das pa la 'jug pa,...Na ning gi lo de,...2, Dus ma 'ongs pa la 'jug pa,...Sang phod kyi lo de] [IW]

it, that, that one, he, she, the, gerundive connective, even though clause connective, condition [JV]

1) that [R]; 2) = ste after final DA [R] ste -]]-[after 'd') (gerundive connective particle) having, after having [adverbial) -ing, -ly (defining function) (precedes specification] where, namely, to wit, videlicet [IW]

1) that; 2) * ste where, namely, to wit, videlicet [IW]

de can be used as a lhag bcas and thus mean de yang 1) that. 2) Syn ste after 'd' [RY]

1) that [Thag ring ngos 'dzin gyi phrad rang dbang can zhig ...Dus de'i bar,...Dus de'i ring,...Rgyu mtshan de la brten nas,...De dang 'dra ba,...De la ci yod]; 2) = ste after final DA [Ming mtha' da yig gi rjes su sbyar rgyu'i lhag bcas kyi sgra'i rkyen zhig ...Da] that, (as lhag bcas abbrev] [IW]

1) that [R]; 2) [after final DA [R], steR] where, namely, to wit, videlicet [R] [IW]