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fully ordained monk [RB]

Skt. bhikshu - Gelong, monk, a fully ordained monk [fully ordained with 253 precepts], i.e., A practitioner who has renounced worldly life and has taken the pledge to observe the 253 precepts of a fully ordained monk in order to attain liberation from samsara [RY]

bhiksu, fully ordained monk about 20-25, male monk, buddhist monk who is ordained into the highest order with 253 vows, fully ordained monk [JV]

gelong, bhikshu [IW]

gelong, bhikshu [among the so thar ris bdun, 'dul w 253 precepts a liturgy vowing to keep them syn: nags gnas dang tsangs spyod, monk (fully ordained) dge = keeping morality, slong = begging precepts the above eight + precious gems and high thrones or beds, and all things renounced by monks] [IW]

master of virtue, monk [thd]

Sanskrit: bhikṣu, Pali: bhikkhu. 1) monk; 2) fully ordained monk; 3) seeker of virtue, virtuous seeker; 4) spiritual seeker, spiritual practitioner; 5) Buddhist disciple, Buddhist adept. As it is used in Buddhist scriptures, the term does not always literally mean "monks", and in some cases its meaning can be expanded in translation. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]