dgongs pa mi 'dra ba bcu gnyis

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12 different intentions of mind [IW]

12 different intentions of mind [the four outer contemplations of moving as a spiritual warrior dpa' bor 'gro ba of the precious top-ornament rin po che'i tog of emanation rnam par rol pa and of the basket of books za ma tog; the four inner contemplations of entering into all objects, manifesting, the crown-jewel and of the array on the summit of the victory banner yul kun la 'jug pa, mngon pas snang ba, gtsug gi nor bu, rgyal mtshan rtse mo yongs su bkod pa; and the four secret contemplations of pure motion 'gyu ba dag pa profound appearance zab mo snang ba precious light rin chen sgron me and excellence legs pa refer to Longchenpa, treasury of the supreme vehicle, p 28] [IW]