Dharani Mantra

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sngags gsum - three kinds of mantras. Gnostic mantras {rigs sngags} vidya mantra - dharani mantras {gzungs sngags} and secret mantras {gsang sngags} or guhya mantra. Gnostic mantras are the essence of skillful means, dharanis are the essence of discriminative awareness, and secret mantras (guhya mantra) are the non- dual pristine cognition [RY]

snying po'i sngags - essence mantra. The short form of the mantra of a yidam (yi dam) deity as opposed to the longer dharani mantra; for example 'om mani padme hung.' [RY]

gzungs - {gzungs sngags} dharani mantra/ formula; isc. (power of) (complete) recall [RB]

gzungs sngags - dharani mantra/ formula; isc. (power of) (complete) recall [RB]