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rgyud sde drug - Six tantra sections, six sections of Tantra The three outer tantras of Kriya, Upa and Yoga and the three inner tantras of Maha, Anu and Ati. six classes of Vajrayana Tantras, six sections of tantra [RY]

sngags - mantra. 1) A synonym for Vajrayana. 2) A particular combination of sounds symbolizing and communicating the nature of a deity and which lead to purification and realization, for example om mani padme hung. There are chiefly three types of mantra: guhya mantra, vidya mantra and dharani mantra [RY]

gdugs dkar zlog sgyur - depending on vidya mantra, obstacle eliminating ritual [IW]

'dod pa'i rig 'dzin - awareness-holder in the Desire realm [a fruition of tantric practice: When one attains the heat of the ordinary siddhis one's body is of equal fortune with that of the desire realm deities, producing vidya mantra and various siddhis and mastery over life.] [IW]

gtsug tor 'khor bsgyur - a vidya mantra khro rgyal [IW]

rtsa rig - principal knowledge/ vidya mantra [IW]

rdzas kyi rig 'dzin - vidyadhara of substances [an ordinary mantrayana activity fruition, using knife, pills, etc by establishing siddhi being able to move unobstructedly in the places of gods and humans &, by vidya mantra having the power to benefit and annihilate beings [ordinary fruition of mantra practice, depending on substances like knife, pills etc by accomplishing siddhi travel w/o obstruction in the realms of gods and men, by vidya mantra able benefit/destroy sentient beings] [IW]

yi ge drug ma'i rig sngags - vidya mantra of six syllables [IW]

rig sngags - gnostic/vidya mantras of the three outer tantras Book 2, p, deity's buddha activity and thugs rdo rje shes rab chiefly accomplishing mantra, deity w a woman's form &, de stong pa'i word and mantras etc.] [IW]

rigs sngags - {rig sngags} Gnostic/ vidya mantras [those of the three outer tantras Book 2, p note See also under mantra [IW]

vidyā-mantra (rig sngags), a mantra related to a deity, usually female, that through recitation gives the reciter the ability to change or control phenomena and circumstances [Erick Tsiknopoulos]