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Sentient Being (sems can/ 'gro ba)

  • In a Buddhist context, the expression 'sentient being' has a technical usage which contrasts with the concept of a buddha. The term refers to beings confined to cyclic existence and also those who have attained liberation from it but who have not attained a non-residual or full nirvāṇa. Furthermore, in the Buddhist view, sentient beings partake of six classes: gods, antigods, humans, animals, tormented spirits and denizens of hell. See under six classes of sentient/living beings. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)


skye 'gro - sentient beings, creatures beings, moving beings, beings [JV]

skye rgu - 1) being, living being, sentient being, creature. Syn {sems can, skye dgu}. 2) people, human beings [RY]

skye ldan - 1) sentient beings; 2) world; 3) organic, living [IW]

skye bo - 1) sentient being. 2) person, human being, ordinary men / people / beings, living creature. 3) mankind; beings [RY]

skye bo - 1) sentient being; 2) [non-enlightened] person, human being; 3) mankind [IW]

skyes pa'i srog chags - creature, sentient being [RY]

bskyab par bya ba'i sems can - sentient beings who are to be protected [IW]

kha lo chos la bsgyur ba - who leads [all sentient beings] to the Dharma [RY]

khams gsum rigs drug gi sems can - the six classes of sentient beings of the three realms [RY]

khams gsum sems can - sentient beings of the three realms [IW]

khams gsum sems can gyi 'khrul gzhi - the ground of confusion / deluded foundation of the sentient beings of the three realms [RY]

khe dang rgyal kha - {khe dang rgyal kha sems can la sbyin/ gyong dang bub ka rang gis len} offering gain and victory to sentient beings and taking loss and defeat for oneself [RY]

khyab pa tshad mas grub cing rtags khas blangs kyis grub pa - pervasion established through valid cognition/pramana and the asserted proof [like proclaiming sound as permanent from the viewpoint of a sentient being [IW]

mkha' khyab 'gro ba - sentient beings pervading space, sentient beings as limitless as space [IW]

mkha' khyab 'dro ba kun - all sentient beings pervading space [RY]

mkha' mnyam gyi sems can - sentient beings equal to space [RY]

'khor 'das kyi mgron - the guests of samsara and nirvana, Buddhas etc. and sentient beings [RY]