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going constantly/ repeatedly/ far [IW]

to practice, walk form of life, rebirth, migrations, depart, leave, move, proceed, travel, tread, go, go away, proceed to, walk, living creature, that which moves, live, exist, be, migrants, migratory beings, proceeding, to become, arrive in [JV]

. . . du 'gro ba - to come to . . . [RB]

1) [sentient] beings; 2) loka/ world; 3) travel/ [trans]migrator[-ion]'; 5) will become; 6) walk; 7) contain; 8) go/ come [into/ off to]; 9) enter [IW]

Migrators, Migrating beings, jagat, or ('gro ba rnams), Sentient beings, wandering continually from one samsaric existence to another [RY]

wanderer, wandering being [thd]

to go (about); being(s); isc. to be [RB]

'gro ba, phyin pa, 'gro ba, song intr. v. 1) n. living, sentient beings, creatures, 'migrator', transmigrator, loka, world [of living beings]. 2) v. to go, follow, migrate, will become, to go, beings. 3) to travel, walk, come to. go (about); go off to; go/ come into/ off to, enter. 4) destiny, migration, gati; going constantly/ repeatedly/ far [RY]

worth; dngul srang bzhi bcur 'gro ba'i gzims gur a tent worth forty silver 'sang' RY

wandering being, wanderer [RY]

1) beings, living beings, mortal beings; 2) wandering beings, wanderers, migrating beings, migrators, transmigrating beings, transmigrators, transmigratory beings; 3) transient beings, transitory beings; 4) ordinary beings, unenlightened beings, samsaric beings. This term is closely related to skye 'gro, which can give a fuller sense to the meaning of 'gro ba (skye nas 'gro ba, "living being"), and the two terms are essentially synonymous. Further, this 'gro ba does not, strictly speaking, usually have the strong connotation with the typical meaning of the verb 'gro that many seem to think it does, at least in most Tibetan and Buddhist textual contexts where the semantic sense of "traveling" is not emphasized nor referenced, except in the occasional framing of it within the context of 'khor ba. Compare the same term translated into other classical Buddhist languages such as Chinese. An examination of the usage of the original Sanskrit गति gati is also in order, and its many meanings lend it to various interpretations. See skye 'gro and 'gro ba rigs drug. Erick Tsiknopoulos

Wanderer DKC


This term is frequently translated as "transmigrator" or "migrator" but these words seems somewhat clumsy and unpoetic in English. I would suggest that the translation "wanderer" is a bit more evocative. DKC