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Mandala. 1) 'Center and surrounding.' Usually a deity along with its surrounding environment. A mandala is a symbolic, graphic representation of a tantric deity's realm of existence. 2) A mandala offering is an offering visualized as the entire universe, as well as the arrangement of offerings in tantric ritual. [RY]

1) mandala. 'center and surrounding.'. 2) circle. 3) disc [as in sun. moon.]. 4) sphere. 5) entirety. 6) fullness. 7) whole something. 8) holy place. 9) celestial abode. See also dal. 10) circumference. 11) globe. 12) region. 13) sphere; circle, circumference, disk. 1) mandala. 2) formation of deities or enlightened attributes. 3) sacred diagram; 1) mandala. 2) disc [as in sun. moon.]. [RY]

mandala. [RB]

mandala table; the square table, where all the offering are arranged. It is also called offering seat (mchod khri), offering table (mchod stegs) and shrine (mchod bshams - mchod gshom). [RY]

1) mandala, sacred diagram; 2) center and surrounding; 3) circle, disc (as in sun moon, sphere, globe, circumference; 4) entirety, fullness, whole of something; 5) holy place, celestial abode [See also dal; 6) region; 7) sphere formation of deities or enlightened attributes. [IW]

mandala, hand mudra, center-periphery, reality patterning, an elaborate preparation symbolizing the building and ordering of the whole universe to be offered to the Guru, merit from building mandala, awareness (understanding mandala as nothing in itself, refers to the intentional structure of experience), 3 basic ones (ting nge 'dzin, lus, de bzhin nyid), whole tableau, cosmic circle, body-mind of guru or dakini, female organ, offering plate, globe, sphere, disc mandala, center-circumference, symmetrical yantra, external symbolical ideal representation of the mind, internal visualized palace with principal deity and retinue pattern, snow lizard, fabulous frog, circle, circumference, magic diagrams, region, surroundings, suburb. [JV]