don yod grub pa

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Amoghasiddhi, accomplishing what is meaningful [IW]

Amoghasiddhi [one of the rgyal ba rigs lnga, lords of the five families] [IW]

amoghasiddhi, yum is sgrol ma, north, rgyal ba rigs, dam tshig sgrol ma, bya grub, phrin las, 'du byed, phrag dog, rlung, touch, green, one who does a real work successfully, 5th dhyani buddha, ruler of heaven to the north, green, Unfailing Accomplishment [JV]

Amoghasiddhi/ Accomplishment of Meaning [RB]

Amoghasiddhi, accomplishing what is meaningful; Accomplishment of Meaning [RY]

Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of the karma family [RY]