dpal gyi lha mo

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dpal gyi lha mo — Śrī Devī / Lakṣmī.
Photo by: Chris Fynn

Srimati devi [IW]

Srimati devi [presides over wrathful deities, but is a protectress] [IW]

dpal gyi lha mo / khyab 'jug maŚrī Devī or Lakṣmī. A female wisdom protector and form of dpal ldan lha mo. dpal gyi lha mo is the yum of khyab 'jug (Viṣṇu) and an emanation of dbyangs can ma (Sarasvatī).) She is usually depicted presiding over the Twelve Tenma Sisters (brtan ma bcu gnyis) and the Five Sisters of Long Life (tshe ring mched lnga). She is sometimes referred to as the "White Palden Lhamo".[cjf]

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