dri za'i grong khyer

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city of gandharvas, fairy castle, gandharva city, [illusory phenomenon], mirage; castles in the air [RY]

rten dang brten par med pas dri za'i grong khyer lta bu As in a city of gandharvas, there is neither a dwelling nor anyone to dwell [RY]

(mirage of) "castles in the air" [RB]

1) illusory city; 2) (Met) bar srid kyi beings place [syn: bzang po'i grong dang zla grong] [IW]

1) illusory city; 2) bar srid kyi beings place * city of gandharvas, fairy castle, illusory phenomenon, mirage [IW]

The City of the Gandharvas is a curious phenomenon sometimes seen by people with visionary faculties: a city complete with buildings and inhabitants appears, and then disappears again without a trace, after a few days or just a few moments. It may correspond to the mirages seen in deserts when a city is reflected in an adjacent plain. [MR] [RY]

castle in the air, 1 of 12 sgyu ma'i dpe, mirage, illusory phenomenon appearing as a reality [JV]