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the eight auspicious symbols;

  1. གདུགས་མཆོག། - (gdugs mchog) = excellent umbrella.
  2. གསེར་ཉ། - (gser nya) = paired gold fish.
  3. བུམ་པ། - (bum pa) = a treasure vase.
  4. པད་མ། - (pad ma) = lotus.
  5. དུང་དཀར་གཡས་འཁྱིལ། - (dung dkar g.yas 'khyil) = a white conch shell coilng to the right.
  6. དཔལ་བེའུ། - (dpal be'u) = knot of eternity.
  7. རྒྱལ་མཚན། - (rgyal mtshan) = victory banner.
  8. གསེར་གྱི་འཁོར་ལོ། - (gser gyi 'khor lo)= an [8 spoked] wheel of doctrine). [IW]

the 8 auspicious symbols. [IW]

the Eight Auspicious Symbols; 1) gdugs mchog = excellent umbrella 2) gser nya = paired gold fish 3) bum pa = a treasure vase 4) pad ma = lotus 5) dung dkar g.yas 'khyil = a white conch shell coilng to the right 6) dpal be'u = knot of eternity 7) rgyal mtshan = victory banner 8) 'khor lo= an [8 spoked] wheel of doctrine.]. [IW]