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Lotus - Courtesy: [1]


One of bkra bshis pa'i rtags brgyad; the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

1) lotus [med. herb]; 2) female organ; 3) pad ma rdzong. [IW]

lotus ornament in the top of a temple. [RY]

lotus flower, padmini, genital organs, red lotus, lotus blossoms, sacred lotus, SA pad ma 'byung gnas. [JV]

[pronounced par mah] - county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]

Padma. 1) Same as Padmasambhava. 2) The lotus family among the five buddha families. [RY]

1) lotus, water-lily, 2) the lotus family, padma aspect; 3) Padmasambhava; 4) female genitals. [RY]

1) lotus - [syn: ge sar can, chu skyes, chu rgyan, chu'i lang tsho, nyi mas bzhad, dri bzang khang, 'dab brgya pa, 'dab stong, 'dam skyes, dpal gos, dpal gyi 'dab ma can, sbrang rtsi 'dzin, sbrang rtsi'i rgyal mtshan, mtsho las skyes, ze'u 'bru can; 2) female organ; 3) med herb; 4) pad ma rdzong mtsho sngon zhing chen khongs mgo log ST, rgyal rong rgyal mo rngul chu'i stod rgyud du yod, ruled from se la'i thang. [IW]

lotus. [RB]

White Lotus
Sacred Blue Lotus
Pink (Red) Lotus