Father Tantras

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...regarding father tantras:

pha rgyud - Father Tantras. a class of Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra; father tantra, male class [RY]

pha rgyud - father tantra [RB]

pha rgyud phyogs mthun - the aspect of upaya of the father tantras [IW]

pha'i rgyud - father tantra [RB]

pha'i rgyud - father tantra. Also {pha rgyud} [RY]

rim lnga - the system of practical application of the father tantras especially taught by Nagarjuna and Aryadeva and Chandrakirti (body, speech, mind, illusory body, unity) [JV]

gsang ba 'dus pa - Guhyasamaja, "secret assembly", a father tantra of the Anuttara Yoga [RY]