g.yo ba

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g.yo ba, g.yos pa, g.yo ba, g.yos trans. v.; 1) to move. 2) action, movement, 3) shaking / flashing forth 4) fluttering. 5) motility, the animate; ft. of g.yo ba; to waver/ vacillate/ deviate; to waver from; rab tu g.yo ba turbulent; to move, be moved, fickle, wavering [RY]

1) move, waver from; 2) action, movement, motility; 3) shaking/ flashing forth, fluttering; 5) the animate, affirmation, be moved, fickle, wavering [IW]

1) flow[ing], drift[ing], mov[ing about], be moved, wander[ing], waver[ing] [from]; 3) dishonesty, cunning, deceit[fulness], deception, dissimulation, craft, cheat, hypocrisy, cunning, guile; 4) tremble, shake, shiver, wave[r][ing], quake, unsteady, agitated, flashing forth, fluttering, fickle, vacillation, flux; 4) blown [by wind]; 5) be touched/ moved [emotionally; 6) be cured; 7) make/ knead dough; 8) action, movement, motility; 9) the animate, affirmation, [IW]

make shaky, shimmering, flow about, drift about, move, movement, movableness, remove, wave, waver, be unsteady, mobility, quake, rock, parch or fry food, shaking forth, motility, vacillate, waver [JV]

to wave; ex ba dan g.yo ba to wave the flag [RY]

vacillation; to waver (within)/ stray(from)/ vacillate/ shift / deviate; to be hypocritical; isc. to go beyond; isc. to fall outside (of); isc. to be other than . . . [RB]

passionate de yang g.yo ba dang shin tu mdzes pa was very passionate and beautiful [RY]

1) to move; 2) to shake, waver, flash, flutter, flow, quake; 3) to vacillate; 4) the animate (all that moves, i.e. all living beings); 5) deceit, deception (as in g.yo sgyu); 6) to shimmer (as in a shimmering jewel); 7) moving; 8) shaking, wavering, flashing, fluttering, quaking; 9) vacillation; 10) to animate; 11) mental vacillation, mental oscillation, discursive mental activity. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]