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nine dance expressions, nine moods [of a heruka], See also gar dgu'i nyams [RY]

9 dance expressions/ moods of a heruka (See gar dgu'i nyams [IW]

nine moods of a heruka [JV]

The Nine Moods of Dance, Moods of the Nine Dances, Expressions of the Nine Dances, Ninefold Moods of Dance, Ninefold Expressions of Dance, Nine Modes of Expression, Nine Dances of Expression. While having its origins in classical Indian dance theory, this usually refers to nine modes of physical manifestation for a deity, each of which expresses a different feeling or emotion; namely, 1) charming (sgegs pa), 2) heroic (dpa ba), 3) unpleasant (mi sdug pa), 4) wild (rgod), 5) savage (drag shul), 6) terrifying ('jigs su rung), 7) compassionate (snying rje), 8) awe-inspiring (rngam) and 9) peaceful (zhi ba). "Sgeg pa dpa' ba mi sdug pa, rgod dang drug shul 'jigs su rung, snying rje rngam dang zhi ba'o". See gar dgu'i nyams. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]