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Jain ascetics [RY]

Jain ascetics; 'Naked One', [Jaina, one of rtsa ba'i sde drug. naked ascetics. Jainas or followers of Jainism in the Digambara tradition. Nirgrantha Jains. the Digambara or naked ascetics within the Jain tradition. Def. of view: rang bzhin rtag la gnas skabs mi rtag par lta ba [RY]

Indian school gcer bu la ngo tshar mi 'dzin pas 'dzem med pa and thal ba pa, phyogs su ldom bu byed pas kun tu rgyu zhes grags so, 'dis 'dod pa'i tshig don 9 ni: srog zag pa, sdom pa, nges par rga ba, 'ching ba, las, sdig pa, bsod nams, thar pa; Also from Kalachakra: srog ldan, srog ldan ma yin pa, zag pa, sdom pa, spang ba, bcings pa, 'phar ba, 'gro ba, 'ong ba maintained [IW]

nirgrantha, the naked ones, Jain followers, naked person, sect of homeless mendicants, hindu sanyasi, jaina sect [JV]