glo bur gyi dri ma

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momentary defilement, passing stains, temporary stains. The obscurations that are not intrinsic to the sugata-garbha, like clouds are not inherent in the sky [RY]

incidental defilements [RY]

temporary defilement, passing stains, adventitious defilements. momentary obscurations; adventitious distortions [RY]

adventitious/ superficial distortions [RB]

adventitious defilements, incidental defilements, incidental and passing stains, adventitious distortions [JV]

[a+_kasmika-mala] adventitious defilement, temporary stains [of kleshas and knowables nyon mongs pa, shes bya'i sgrib pa gnyis, not of the nature of mind and therefore separable] [IW]

[a+_kasmika-mala] adventitious defilement, temporary stains [IW]