gnas lugs mdzod

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the treasury of the way things are [IW]

the treasury of the way things are [14th centrury 1 of the 7 treasures of Longchenpa klong chen mdzod bdun; med pa, phyal ba, lhun grub, gcig pu'i rnam grangs: rang bzhin rdzogs pa chen po'i rgyud sde'i rang skad ma nyams par brjod don tha dad du gnad 'gag bkrol zhing yin lugs gnad thog tu phab nas 'gag bsdams, rang grol bsam ngo las 'das pa'i chings su bcings, 'bad rtsol rgyu 'bras la ma ltos par la bzla ba; with 16 vajra topics or five chapters w root verse and commentarygnyis ldan gyi gzhung 'di dus rabs bcu bzhi par kun mkhyen klong chen gyis mdzad pa'o [IW]

the Treasury of the Natural State, by Longchen Rabjam; one of his mdzod bdun [RY]