gnod pa

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1) (Tha dad pa produce harm or unhappiness, ill health; 2) be harmed, pain suffering, hurt, [do] harm, injure [-y], damage, inflict injury, hurt [IW]

negativities [RY]

discredit, flawed, harm, impair [thd]

(to do/ cause/ bring) harm; to be disproved/ harmed/ under attack (in logic); isc. to undermine [RB]

gnod pa, gnod pa, gnod pa trans. v.; 1) to do harm, cause harm, bring harm, hurt, injure, damage, inflict injury. 2) harm, hurt, injury. 3) disproved [logically], invalidate, discredit [RY]

negative, bent on evil, useless, evil, mischief, injury, harm, damage, cause illness, to injure, SA sdug bsngal, counteracts, be harmed by [JV]

to refute [ggd] [RY]

to spoil me tog gi kha dog dang dri la mi gnod par me tog gi ro myang nas 'gro ba dang 'dra ba taking nectar from the flowers and leaving without spoiling their color or fragrance [RY]