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1) Abbr. of go ba. 2) Abbr. of go cha 3) numerical particle for the nineties. 4) place, room, space, See also go ma 'gag pa 5) comprehension [RY]

1) occasion, mtshams dang, gnas,...Snga phyi go ldog ...go mtshams med pa; 2) 90's particle; 3) terminative [IW]

hear, hear of, be told about, understand, comprehend, know about, realize, notice, take notice of understanding, intellectual grasp, understanding only w the intellect, theory, idea, meaning, theoretical understanding, armor, 90, place, room, space, comprehension [IW]

place, room, space, position, rank, condition of life, way, to hear, to understand, nineties particle, take it to be [JV]

1) (verb) to intellectually grasp, theoretically grasp, conceptually grasp, discursively grasp, intellectually understand, theoretically understand, discursively understand, intellectually comprehend, theoretically comprehend, conceptually comprehend, discursively comprehend. 'Understanding' and 'comprehension' are already covered by other terms, so the translator may wish to explore other renderings. In colloquial Tibetan usage go ba can be similar to the colloquial English "get it/got it", in the sense of fundamentally grasping or conceptually apprehending the idea being communicated ("grocking"); 2) to hear. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]