grol ba

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close, conclude a meeting, deliverance, deliverance from worldly existence, to transcend, to be released from, to dissolve [JV]

(Tha mi dad pa,; 1) destroyed, dispersed zhig; 2) liberate; 3) tshigs bcad rtsom tshul, shloka gcig gis brjod bya'i don gang yin pa de be able to completely show; 2) nirvana, liberation get out, become free of trouble, get loose, get free, be untied, be released, be freed, be liberated, be loosened, be revealed, recover from an illness, be over, be dismissed, adjourn, close, conclude a meeting, liberation, freeing, emancipation, deliverance, closing, conclusion, finishing, completion, untying, loosening up, destruction liberation [kill: transfer forcefully and compassionately the consciousness of a sentient being to a higher level of existence] [IW]

untied [the knot of avarice] [RY]

"liberation". to transfer forcefully and compassionately the consciousness of a sentient being to a higher level of - existence, thus benefiting that one and removing obstacles - caused by his or her evil karma [RY]

release [RY]

freedom; to become free(d)/ find freedom; isc. to cease/ disappear; [in cases of shar gnas grol gsum, or where common decency dictates] freed; [in other cases of rang grol, etc.] free [RB]

to dissolve, subside [RY]

mtshams grol ba - completing his retreat [RY]

grol ba, grol ba, grol ba intr. v.; 1) vi. to get out / free of trouble / difficulties / danger, to get loose / free / untied, released, freed, liberated, loosened, revealed, loosed. 2) recovered [from an illness]. 3) vi. to be over, be dismissed, adjourn. 4) to close, conclude [a meeting]. 5) liberation, freeing, emancipation, deliverance. 6) closing, conclusion, finishing, completion. 7. untying, loosening up; free; freedom; to become free(d)/ find freedom; liberation; to liberate [RY]