grub mtha' mdzod

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the Treasury of Philosophy composed by klong chen rab 'byams One of mdzod bdun, klong chen mdzod bdun [RY]

the Treasury of philosophy [by klong chen rab 'byams 1 of mdzod bdun., klong chen mdzod bdun [IW]

treasury of doctrine [IW]

treasury of doctrine [one of the klong chen mdzod bdun 1st ston pa byon tshul rags rim gyis khog dbub, phyi rol pa'i grub mtha' brgal te dgag gzhir bzhag ston pa'i bstan pa thun mong dang thun min theg pa'i bye brag 'phags chos du ma'i sgo nas bsgrubs te dpyad bzod par 'grel ba rim khang brgyad yod pa, 14th centruy by the Nyingma master klong chen rab 'byams] [IW]

Treasury of Philosophical Systems, 1 of mdzod bdun [JV]