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gsog pa, bsags pa, bsag pa, sog trans. v.; gsog pa, bsogs pa, bsog pa; to gather, accumulate, hoard; amass, reinforce; vain [RY]

(tha dad pa 1,bsags pa, bsag pa, sog, sgrub pa dang skrun pa dang skyed pa,//tshogs gnyis bsags te rdzogs sangs rgyas,//bsod nams gsog pa,//rgyal pos 'khor rna sags nas smras pa,//bsags pa tshe gang la, dgos pa nyin gcig //2,bsogs pa, bsog pa, sog, spungs pa dang sdud pa,//bsdu gsog //stobs shugs bsogs pa,//gser dngul bsog pa las yon tan gsog pa dga',//chu thigs bsogs na rgya mtshor 'gyur, vain [IW]

collect, gather, hoard, accumulate, earn, gather, SA sog pa, to create [JV]

conglomeration [RY]

bsag pa to reinforce/ gather/ accumulate [RB]