gter chos

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the Doctrine of the concealed treasures, terma teaching [IW]

terma teaching; treasure teaching; the doctrine of the concealed treasures [RY]

gter nas gdan drangs pa'i chos te, slob dpon pad ma 'byung gnas sogs kyis 'gro don dus la ma bab par ston du mi rung zhing ma 'ongs skal ldan rnams kyi don du ri brag chu shing sogs su re zhig mkha' 'gro'i gtad rgya dang bcas mi mngon par rgyas btab pa'i gsang sngags kyi gdam zab rnams phyis grub pa'i skyes bu rnams kyis gter nas bton te yi ger phab pa'i yang zab bla na med pa'i chos skor [IW]

revealed teaching [JV]