gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rdo rje

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1161-1211 - Tsangpa Gyarey Yeshe Dorje, an eminent master of the Drukpa Kagyu tradition and the first Drukchen [RY]

1161-1211; one of the founders of the 'brug pa bka' rgyud tradition. Student of gling rje ras pa. Famous for having an enormous number of students [RY]

gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rdo rje [IW]

gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rdo rje [rab byung gsum pa'i lcags mo sbrul gyi lo gtsang myang stod khu le'i yul du 'khrungs, gdung rus rgya bya ba'i rgyud yin, dgung lo nyer gnyis par grub chen gling ras pa bsten pas de'i bu chen du gyur, klong rdol dang ra lung dgon pa btab, slad nas zhe drug lo dbus phyogs gnam gyi phur 'brug dgon pa phyag btab, tsha ri'i gnas sgo phye, slob brgyud bzang po ches mang du 'phel bas mi phyed 'brug pa, 'brug phyed sprang po, sprang phyed grub thob ces grags, rang lo lnga bcu nga gcig pa rab byung bzhi pa'i lcags lug lor 'das] of tshang administration [IW]

Tsangpa Gyare, 1st Gyalwang Drukpa