gtsug lag khang

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sanctuary, monastery, temple, chief hall of worship, cathedral, vihara, temple, the Cathedra temple (Jokang) in Lhasa, place where scriptures are kept [JV]

monastery, vihara [RY]

temple, vihara, dwelling place for monks, monastery, temple of the three jewels, university [IW]

main temple [RY]

a monastery; temple/ main shrine hall; temple, vihara, dwelling place for monks, monastery [RY]

Vihara. A Buddhist monastery or monastic college [RY]


According to Thrangu Rinpoche, in the Tibetan word, the first syllable gtsug means to plant, and the second syllable, lag, to spread. Thus a gtsug lag khang is a building that plants the seed of dharma and spreads it. For example, building the temple at Samye planted the seed of dharma in Tibet, which then spread all over Tibet. DKC