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[Skt] saffron [IW]

[Skt] saffron [or safflower as substitute] 1 of the phyi'i rtsa ba brgyad. = the 8 outer principal [medicines]) corruption of kung ku ma, w bya rkang ma &, Kasmiri gur gum, le brgan ma, Nepali gur gum, Tibetan gur gum or ldum ra gur gum five kinds, sweet, cooling, by its power clearing mchin nad, rtsa kha sdom, zungs khrag syn: kun nas 'khums, kha cher skyes, mchin sman gtso bo, mchog ldan, 'jam dbyangs mdog can, nyi ma gung rnyed, 'thung byed, dri zhim, dri bzang, bde byed, dpa' bo brtan pa, phra ma can, me tog nyi ma, me tog don can, me'i rtse mo, rtsa ba brgya pa, tshim byed dmar, rdzing drung skyes, li khri'i mdangs can, lus dmar le brgan rtsi] [IW]

saffron (crocus sativus), crocus, marigold, calendula, yellow flowers, crocus sativus, saffron crocus, kind of marigold, carmathus tinctorus, crocus sativus, marigold, 1 of bzang drug [JV]

one of the phyi'i rtsa ba brgyad the eight outer principal [medicines]. saffron [or safflower]. Syn kur kum gur kum [RY]

Saffron (Crocus sativus), saffron flowers, saffron petals, saffron medicine. Borrowed from Persian کرکم‎ (korkom, “saffron”), presumably from Arabic كُرْكُم‎ (kurkum, “turmeric”), not from Sanskrit as listed elsewhere. Erick Tsiknopoulos