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1) Planets, graha. The seven planets are the familiar sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn; the eighth is the fictitious and malevolent Rahu, causer of eclipses. Often a ninth is added, Ketu, the comet, likewise evil and fictitious. 2) Rahula. One of the eight classes of gods and demons [RY]

1) Rahu; 2) khron pa; 3) name of a rishi gtsug phud can; 4) fire; 5) peacock [IW]

paralysis (?); daughter/ Lady; Rahula; princess. 1) Rahu, nyi zla gnyis gzas zin pa [he saw]. the sun and the moon seized by Rahu. 2) eclipse. 3) planet [RY]

planet [RB]

planet, respective days of the week, dangers, troubles, planets, rahu, class of beings linked with planetary influences and can cause disturbances such as paralysis [JV]