gzhi thams cad yod par smra ba

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Def. Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[sde pa thams cad kyi gzhi yin pa dang shes bya'i gzhi lnga rdzas yod du smra bas de ltar grags la/ sde pa de ni gsung rab sang skrii ta legs sbyar gyi skad du 'don/ mkhan po rgyal rigs bslab pa la gus pa sgra gcan 'dzin las brgyud/ snam sbyar snam phran dgu yan nyer lnga man la rtags 'khor lo dang padma/ ming dpal dang bzang po dang snying po gsum gyi mtha' can/ grub mtha' dus gsum rdzas su yod pa dang/ 'dus byas thams cad skad cig ma dang/ gang zag gi bdag med pa dang/ grangs med gsum gyis 'tshang rgya ba sogs bzhed do]]; Sarvastivadin; Mulasarvastivada tradition [RY]

M lasarv stiv da tradition, sarvastivadin [IW]