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dmigs bcas bsod nams kyi tshogs mthar phyin pas from the viewpoint of students pure and impure gzhan don du sambhogakaya chags can &, nirmanakaya chags bral gyi gzugs snang ston pa'i sku'o, the body of form, rupakaya, physical manifestation, form body [IW]

body [RY]

sensible body, buddha's visible form, founding strata of apprehendable meanings, form-bodies, rupakaya, form bodies, dimension of form (longs sku & sprul sku) [JV]

Rupakaya, Form Body, rupakaya; the body of form. rupakaya, physical manifestation, form body; rupakaya [RY]

Rupakaya [RY]

Form kayas. The sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya that have perceptible form as opposed to the formless dharmakaya [RY]