ka ma la shi la

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name of famous pandit [JV]

kamalashila indian disciple of khenpo shantarakshita pad ma'i ngang tshul 8th century indian master of svatantra madhyamika monk-philosopher from monestery vikramashila in magadha who introduced yogacara madhyamaka into tibet. Invited to Tibet by king trisong deutsen, he defeated the chinese monk ha-shang in samye debates [IW]

1) Kamalashila. 2) Indian disciple of Khenpo Shantarakshita. pad ma'i ngang tshul 8th century Indian master of Svatantrika Madhyamika who visited Tibet and defeated the Chinese monk Ha-Shang in debate. Disciple of Shantarakshita and invited to Tibet by King Trisong Deutsen. proponent of Svatantrika [RY]