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sbra chung gi ka ra tent poles [RY]

sugar, tent pole [JV]

1) tent pole; 2) [Skt] sugar; sweets, candy [sweet, cooling, by its power tsha ba sel, glo 'jags, dbang po gsal bar byed, lus stobs gso, tsha ba khrag mkhris la phan pa'i sman gyi nuspa rtsar 'khrid par byed] [IW]

1) sugar. 2) tent pole [RY]

(med) Sugar
Illustrations : 'Phrin Las 1987 (33_162) ka ra. 'Jam-dpal (print p 129)

The 3 'medicine vehicles' (sman rta) molasses (bu ram), sugar (ka ra) and honey (sbrang rtsi) are found in the Shel phreng at the very end of the of the second or main part. In the Eye Ornament they are included within the 'gums and resins'.
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