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1) face, front; 2) lips, mouth, snout; 3) words, talk, say; 4) opening, bank, shore, rim, surface; 5) measurement = 1 square [of width given]; 6) direction; 7) appearance; 8) the letter kha used in alphabetical ordering; 9) guardian, adjutant, body-guard; 10) experience physically/by sense, smack, interfere, meddle with; 11) promise; 12) kiss, inveigh; 13) part; 14) snow; 15) at the verge of, about to; 16) bitter; 17) some, several [IW]

+ lta - facing [RY]

mouth; face [RB]

mottled [RY]

maw [RY]

countenance; kha bkrag yal le ba a beautiful, bright countenance [RY]

bitter, second, part, time, front side, face, mouth, surface, square of cloth, second, 2, optional additional syllable to many colloquial words, part, origin, source, time, breadth of cloth, language, conversation, word, 1/6 part of a tang ka coin, mouth, edge, direction, to befall, to involuntarily happen, five [JV]

KHA, [2nd in alphabetical order]; 1) neuter particle; 2) prefix cha shas shig; 3) Rtags mtshungs 'dren skabs neuter suffix; 4) mouth * [of a vessel]; 5) front [side]; 6) shore, bank; 7) top surface [Khri kha, cog tse'i kha]; 8) time, occasion ['gro kha,...Las ka byed kha]; 9) words, talk, say, what is said; 10) age of an animal; 11) measure of a piece of cloth * face, lips, cover, snout, opening, rim, surface, a measurement equaling 1 square of whatever the width is, direction, appearance, guardian, adjutant, body-guard, experience physically, smack, interfere, meddle with, promise, kiss, inveigh, part, 1st particle in many words, snow, part, at the verge of, about to, bitter, some, several [IW]

KHA ; 1) neuter particle; 2) prefix cha shas shig...Kha dog, Kha 'thor ba, Kha sgyur ba,...3) Rtags mtsungs 'dren skabs neuter suffix: Dgun kha,...Gter kha,...Gsol kha,...2...1) mouth [syn: ngag 'don dang, gtam gyi 'byung gnas, bdud rtsi'i rten, mu kha, smra ba'i sgo, smra byed, zhal, za byed, gsung byed] 2) mouth of a vessel; 3) front side; 4) shore, bank; 5) top surface [Khri kha, cog tse'i kha] (6) time, occasion ['gro kha,...Las ka byed kha] (7) talk, what is said (8) age of an animal [kha rgan ching] (9) measure of a piece of cloth [Ras kha gang,...Goschen kha do] [IW]

words, speech/ in the middle; the direction one is facing; 1) face, front, lips, mouth, cover, snout. 2) words, talk, say. 3) opening. 4) bank, shore. 5) rim, surface. 6) a measurement equaling one square of whatever the width is. 7) direction. 8) appearance. 9) the letter kha used in alphabetical ordering. 10) vi. to experience physically. 11) first particle in many word combinations. 12) at the verge of, about to. 13) bitter, snow, part, some, several, to smack, to interfere, to meddle with, to promise, to kiss, to inveigh. 14) guardian, adjutant, body-guard; summit/ at the time of, point of [RY]

guardian, adjutant, body-guard [RY]